This is unprecedented, unreal, unbelievable! To have reached 1000 followers on this blog of mine is truly humbling. If you had said to me, when I started uploading my ramblings, that I’d have reached a hundred followers I would have laughed. After that, I would’ve continued to face-plant my keyboard in the never ending search for inspiration.

But here we are, and I’m incredibly thankful for it. When I started writing this blog, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I actually wanted to do with it. It has certainly evolved from the haiku, clunky prose, and sparse verse of my past. The truth is the more I write on here, the more comfortable I become as both a blogger and a writer. It’s a lovely feeling, and as a community, you’ve all been wonderful to me – thank you.

*Gives you all an internet high-five*

That being said, I still have a long way to go! The good news? I have plans (muahaha) *rubs hands in anticipation*.  So yes, this blog post is a little bit more than a quick thank you, I have some stuff to announce.

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I Went to The London Book Fair

We stumbled out of Baron’s Court tube station looking lost and feeling overwhelmed. I, clutching my new oyster card, walked over to a map and pretended that I knew what I was looking for. I had obviously failed because a kindly old lady approached me, observed my pained visage, and gave me and the group the directions we needed.

That was the first surprise London afforded me! I had been led to believe that everyone in London was stuck in tunnel vision mode. That they were too rude and/or indifferent to bother with a lost looking group of master’s students. At least, that is what I had been told.

Unfortunately, that soon became the truth as pedestrians elbowed us aside, people cut in front of us, and drivers beeped their car horns and swore under their breath as we failed to cross the road quick enough.

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Show, Don’t Tell: Is it That Simple?

Anyone that has ever taken a creative writing course or an interest in the subject has most likely encountered the famous phrase: show, don’t tell! I’ve received this as feedback countless times and have been told the phrase even more so. But what I haven’t often been battered over the head with, is what show, don’t tell actually bloody means!

It is often said that showing, not telling, is the best way to write fiction. This opinion often stems from the fact that people who are just beginning to write have a tendency to tell the audience about everything happening in a story, rather than show them. This, of course, is not always the case. Even established authors can be guilty of over-telling.

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What is Writer’s Voice

Recently, I’ve read some fantastic articles about the phenomenon known as a ‘writer’s voice.’ Writer’s voice is something that has perplexed me for a long time and still does to some extent. It is one of those difficult to pin down terms. Speaking of pinning things down, in this article I will attempt to wrestle (yes, I’m off to a good start) with this difficult concept. Let’s begin.

What is voice?

I’ve been taking writing seriously for a number of years now, and during those years I’ve been taught a lot of things. These lessons have systematically divided writing into several neat compartments in my mind: structure, style, language, lexicon, pacing, theme, and characters to name a few. Voice is none of these, and I think that is why I struggle with it. It doesn’t fit neatly into a box, and I find that stressful.

So, if I can’t put it in a box, can I at least explain what it is? Yes, I can, or at least I can explain what I think it is. Writer’s voice, to me, is the real you that you express on the page. It is the real, unique, and unrestricted words which you place into each paragraph. The ones that allow people a deeper understanding of you, your characters, or your passions. A deeper understanding of your hopes, dreams, fears, beliefs, and attitudes. It is your story, de-fogged, for all to see.

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I’m Going to The London Book Fair!

I’m going to The London Book Fair!

I’m incredibly excited, as both a writer and a publishing student, to be able to attend the book fair this year. This opportunity has been afforded to me, and fellow publishing students from my university, in order to expand and develop our knowledge and understanding of the business (in other words, our tickets were free. Huzzah!)

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