Poetry 101 Rehab – Smile


Keep smiling.

Don’t stop.

Lest the facade crack and split
Like the Papier-mâché creases in your cheeks
That you chew on the inside.


Lest your face burst like a piñata,
Split down the centre as all that
Not-so-sweet emotion comes tumbling out.

For God’s sake smile,

‘It’s not like anyone’s died.’
At least, not on the outside.
And that is all that matters.

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Poetry 101 Rehab – Whisper

The whisper glides along streets,
Erodes long worn cobbles as it passes.
Through spokes of a rusting wheel
To the school and into classes.

The whisper begs attention,
A susurrous lingering in the alley
Carried on by a man, head down,
Hands in pockets.

In through the windows of lovers,
Detumescent in the moonlight.
Pulling at swollen lips
Which repeat the words with spite.

See a whisper is a powerful thing,
Once uttered, then magnified,
Twisted beyond recognition.
Once truth, a whisper begets the lie.

I love Andy Townend’s Poetry 101 Rehab series, it’s great for those languorous days where you need a little bit of inspiration. This time, the word was Whisper. This was my response.

Poetry 101 Rehab – Road

I’ve been told not to follow the beaten track,
To make your own path in life.

Unfortunately, I’m no 4X4
And when the tarmac is cold and unforgiving
You can forgive a man who makes an easy living.

A simple job, A simple life
With time for children and time for my wife.
Yeah, that sounds nice.

I wasn’t built to go adventuring
And a concrete jungle would blunt a machete.
I think I’ll follow the road.

This week Andy Townend chose the prompt RoadGo check it out and enjoy some of his fantastic writing while you’re at it!

Poetry 101 Rehab – Couldn’t

I couldn’t say don’t leave,
For my heart strings sew my mouth shut.
I couldn’t even grieve
When our elastic ties were cut.

I couldn’t watch your back
When you needed it safeguarded.
Now we’re parted, due to lack
Of interest, plea disregarded.

I couldn’t express myself
And how much I want to change.
We couldn’t…

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