The Mighty Cinquain

The Poet, Adelaide Crapsey, is best remembered for creating the cinquain. Crapsey (perhaps unfortunately named) was heavily inspired by the Japanese forms of poetry: haiku and tanka.

Much like the haiku, cinquains usually contain vivid imagery and are used to convey a certain emotion to the reader.

In 1915, Crapsey published a collection of poems called Verse. The book contained twenty-eight Cinquains, some of which are considered some of Adelaide Crapsey’s best work. If you want to see those, here’s a link for ya!

The cinquain has a relatively simple structure which, much like a haiku, relies on a number of syllables and lines.

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Poetry 101 Rehab – Couldn’t

I couldn’t say don’t leave,
For my heart strings sew my mouth shut.
I couldn’t even grieve
When our elastic ties were cut.

I couldn’t watch your back
When you needed it safeguarded.
Now we’re parted, due to lack
Of interest, plea disregarded.

I couldn’t express myself
And how much I want to change.
We couldn’t…

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Love as a Musical

Love is not a major chord progression,
Or a minor melody, blue to ear.
More a tango of arpeggiating heartbeats
On a tensile chord, just missing by an offbeat.

Love is a musical without a conductor,
It’s a torrid affair with elements
We don’t understand. Immense
In scale, limited by obstructers.

Your key changes too often for me to
Keep up. No theory applies
When it comes to our misunderstandings.
Instead our crescendo is heard down the street.

But despite the raging passion,
The heated counterpoint, things
Will always come to a crashing
Conclusion, till you rest your head on mine.