The Mighty Cinquain

The Poet, Adelaide Crapsey, is best remembered for creating the cinquain. Crapsey (perhaps unfortunately named) was heavily inspired by the Japanese forms of poetry: haiku and tanka.

Much like the haiku, cinquains usually contain vivid imagery and are used to convey a certain emotion to the reader.

In 1915, Crapsey published a collection of poems called Verse. The book contained twenty-eight Cinquains, some of which are considered some of Adelaide Crapsey’s best work. If you want to see those, here’s a link for ya!

The cinquain has a relatively simple structure which, much like a haiku, relies on a number of syllables and lines.

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The Sun is Poetry

The Sun is poetry. No, seriously! The Sun is poetry, you just don’t know it yet.

Opinions on The Sun divide the nation here in the UK (I can’t speak for anywhere else in the world.) Many view it, myself included, as a supercilious tabloid that spews invective left, right, and centre. I am, however, open to the fact that I may be missing something by dismissing it as so. The Sun has the biggest readership via circulation of physical copies of any newspaper here in the UK, and there is certainly a reason as to why so many people read it, but one that I fail to see.

That’s not to say I think other newspapers far excel The Sun; I’m not particularly fond of The Express, Daily Mail, or even The Guardian, and that saddens me. It saddens me that these news outlets all have their own agenda to peddle, that news has to make money and be first instead of being news, and that I can’t read something in a paper or online and believe it without fact checking it first.

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A Neglectful Writer and the Things He has Learnt

     I have been a bad writer. I have been a very bad writer. Not bad at writing, but bad at being a writer. Perhaps bad isn’t the right word, neglectful seems more appropriate. Neglectful of my blog, neglectful of my ideas, and neglectful of the very thing I set out to pursue.

     When I started my journey of writing I had a clear cut goal; to create the fantasy novel I pictured so vividly in my head. I had a defined method on how to achieve that goal; go to university to do a creative writing degree, keep reading, and keep writing. I was sure that somewhere along the way I’d become kind of good.

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