50 word story:

It was the first morn of winter in the pearl glades when we first saw them.

Little sprites, dancing across the outdoor furnishings. Each pirouette spinning rime in curlicues around them. Each footfall leaving shimmering verglas behind, as smooth and glassy as the creatures.

“Rimelings” my brother whispers in awe.

50 word story – Waning Eclipse

Slumped against a cold granite wall, holding in my viscera.

I’d imagined fighting tooth and nail with the beast, wrestling it furiously, fire in my eyes and knife in its throat.

But I couldn’t, it wore my daughter’s face.

The sun peeks out from it’s lunar prison.

I fade away.

Thanks for reading, if you were wondering there is a piece that comes before this. I’ll link it here enjoy 🙂

Short Story – Steve’s God Awful First Day.

Steve careened down the motorway in a panic, dodging the occasional car as he drifted a bit too far onto the opposing lane. He wiped at his bloody lip and furrowed his brow in an attempt to focus on the road; however this was difficult due to the bullet lodged deep in the flesh of his shoulder. He had no idea if the men were still chasing him or what he was going to do about the man he’d shot. How do you explain killing a man in self-defence on your first day on the job as a cleaner? He placed the handgun he’d acquired in the glove box and covered it up with the Land Rover’s driver’s manual.

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