Love as a Musical

Love is not a major chord progression,
Or a minor melody, blue to ear.
More a tango of arpeggiating heartbeats
On a tensile chord, just missing by an offbeat.

Love is a musical without a conductor,
It’s a torrid affair with elements
We don’t understand. Immense
In scale, limited by obstructers.

Your key changes too often for me to
Keep up. No theory applies
When it comes to our misunderstandings.
Instead our crescendo is heard down the street.

But despite the raging passion,
The heated counterpoint, things
Will always come to a crashing
Conclusion, till you rest your head on mine.

Poetry 101 Rehab : End

The beginning of the end,
Wreathed in tears and shouting.
Choking on sentiments long past
Any resemblance to what once was.
But you hold on, draw ragged breath
From the life support comfort
You used to know, and you hope,
Hope that the end might be the beginning
Of something… new.

This week’s prompt from Mara Eastern is: End. I like to keep my responses to prompts very raw and always post up the first drafts, hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading 🙂