The Sun is Poetry

The Sun is poetry. No, seriously! The Sun is poetry, you just don’t know it yet.

Opinions on The Sun divide the nation here in the UK (I can’t speak for anywhere else in the world.) Many view it, myself included, as a supercilious tabloid that spews invective left, right, and centre. I am, however, open to the fact that I may be missing something by dismissing it as so. The Sun has the biggest readership via circulation of physical copies of any newspaper here in the UK, and there is certainly a reason as to why so many people read it, but one that I fail to see.

That’s not to say I think other newspapers far excel The Sun; I’m not particularly fond of The Express, Daily Mail, or even The Guardian, and that saddens me. It saddens me that these news outlets all have their own agenda to peddle, that news has to make money and be first instead of being news, and that I can’t read something in a paper or online and believe it without fact checking it first.

So, if the news is not news anymore, but instead all about money and hidden agendas, what else can it be? Yes, that’s right, it can be poetry. And that is exactly what I’ve done with the copy of The Sun I purchased earlier (mercifully cheap, may I add.) I cannot deny the perverse pleasure I received from literally cutting through half truths with my trusty scissors to create something whole.


A survivor of grief,
Tested by trouble
and want of justice,
now lies in tatters.
A criminal waste.

That was short, not-so-sweet, and probably of an appropriate tone given the news these days. I hope this illustrates that anyone has the ability to create something new out of something negative. 

Thank you very much for reading.

17 thoughts on “The Sun is Poetry

  1. Reminds me of found poems or black-out poems, maybe both. Taking a scissors to the paper must be satisfying in an age where “alternative facts and truths” are now acceptable as news. Your poem is genius. 🙂

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    1. I’d love to do some black-out poems, but lack a photocopier. I suppose I could use the one at the University library, but the idea of taking a pen to my favourite literature makes me shudder! It was indeed satisfying. Thank you. 🙂

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  2. A Haibun comment…..

    The sun is poetically sound. Caught me hook line and sinker, Your words did truly expound, the virtue of a paper blinkered. Torn to shreds, yet words you found, poetically and, justifiably tinkered. Yet by the sun all life is surely bound. Your title did my first thoughts clinker.
    Now I have read all, your opinions are sound, thanks for your censure

    tis not what is read
    life is how it is perceived
    confusing angles

    Take care – Mick

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  4. It’s been really difficult to find a good newspaper for a number of years. I try to buy one any day I get out. But then I wouldn’t want to cut it up, although I probably should, but there’s always something else on the other side! I keep them to remember that i managed to get out of the house that day! The ‘i’ used to be good, but they doubled the price and the soundbites of summary news aren’t worth twice as much unless they failed to print on it! (Lol) The Express for 10p was the hugest disappointment for battering welfare claimants and encouraging scamming consumerism etc. Crime’s ok if you’re rich apparently and judgements are a bitch if you’re poor! Finding out the Star was an Express newspaper was a downer too. The New European is a bit of a confusion – and i don’t even know what ‘right-wing’ means – but that’s just one journalist, I think… The Daily Mirror was always reliable quality news in the past but they’re usually all sold. Almost all UK news websites are a let-down for advertising and poor journalism and the BBC keep promoting video streaming above text-based news when not all of us watch telly and need a license even to download a programme – not sure if they mean radio, World News podcasts, anything at all, or just telly. so my java’s off in my browser cos they auto playsometimes! Your header photo on this really captures the sun’s glare, I dunno if i’ve just never paid attention or if it really is quite strange since last autumn &NZ events (14th Nov+ I think, or thereabouts) I’m guessing that snap’s taken recently-ish, from within the UK with the sun so low over the horizon? – in the Midlands (Nottm) we seem to have a huge ozone hole above us with jewel-blue summerskies whenever it’s not full of cloud and the feel of coastal ionisation at times too. Soz, long comment!

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    1. Your comments are always fantastically detailed. Don’t be sorry, I enjoy reading them. I think the thing that put me off newspapers was the combination of a critical thinking course I took, and the whole university experience. Before these things I took most things at face value, afterwards I’ve become quite quietly sceptical of things. In a way, it is good, but also bad. Good because I like to know my facts are %100 true (which is hard when living in a world of alternative facts being passed off as truth) but bad because I can’t enjoy something written on a news website or in a newspaper. That being said, I don’t want to paint journalists in a bad light. After all, we all have to make a living and I know several junior journalists who want to get out there and tell the truth. The problem is, the truth isn’t always profitable!

      As always, thanks for the comment It’s always lovely to see you on here.


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