Poetic Therapy: A Prompt Series

Poetic Therapy

Poetic Therapy is a new weekly prompt series set up for those of us who enjoy the sharing and discussion of poetry.

Perhaps you need a creative kick-start to your week, a prompt to challenge your poetic senses, or just want to be part of a community who enjoys the experimentation and creation of poetry.

Everyone is welcome. This series is a positive place where we can take whatever direction we would like with our work, and share it with each other.

Sound great? How does it work?

At the beginning of each week, I will publish a prompt under the title Poetic Therapy.

This prompt could be one of many things, a word, a phrase, or even a picture.

Should you want to, you can then write your interpretation to the prompt. Whether it’s a to question it, answer it, change it, or ignore it completely, you have complete creative freedom on what you create, the prompt is just there to get the cogs turning. It doesn’t have to be a poem, the prompt could inspire you to write a story, article, or some other form of creative work.

Taking Part

Everyone is free to take part, at any time (there is no time limit.)

Publish your response to the prompt, tag it with the Poetic Therapy tag, and leave a comment on the post with a link so I can come and view all your wonderful  pieces of work.

I will be here to respond to your questions, comment on and like your work, and to do the general creation of the prompts.

Above all, please take the time to stop by and visit other poets partaking in these prompts, make friends, and enjoy yourselves.

The first prompt is scheduled to go out five minutes after this post, apologies to those early birds who wanted to get started straight away! You won’t have to wait long.

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