Wednesday Wordage – Natant

Since I’m starting this feature up again I’d like to mention an addition to the format. As well as talking about the word and providing examples, I will also be writing a small creative piece of my own, utilizing the word.

So, without further adieu…


Say: Nay-tunt

Natant simply means swimming of floating in water, a useful way of describing all sorts of water based flora and fauna.

First known use: 15th century

Some synonyms: floating, natatorial

Some antonyms: sinking

My usage:

Between the lilies
Natant, swaying in the breeze
A curious frog


‘The life cycle of spiny lobsters consists of two major phases: a lengthy planktonic larval phase that develops in oceanic water, and a benthic phase that begins when the natant post-larvae … settle onto some benthic habitat.’

– Patricia Briones-Fourzán and Enrique Lozano-Álvarez, in Lobsters: Biology, Management, Aquaculture and Fisheries, 2013

‘She stood rigid, listening with anatant, sickening consciousness thatsomething terrible hung at her back.’

– The Red Debt, Everett MacDonald

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