Breaking Point – Headline Poem

Last year I cut up The Daily Mail to make something poetic out of the hogwash in there. This year I’m going to focus on The Sun. No promises of making something grand out of the invective found in there.


He’ll gag on
Violent Fury.

Is there no one
Sane it
Won’t step on?

The challenge with this is to select five random headlines, then try to use at least a word from each of them to create something poetic.

This week’s headlines were as follows:

  1. Cam’s EU deal is so mad it makes Jezza seem sane.
  2. Caught one-handed: Driver pleasuring himself while watching porn on the m25.
  3. Is there no one fame-seeker Suki won’t step on to get on.
  4. He’ll meet gag fury ministers.
  5. Family would be alive today if police hadn’t given violent hubby & dad a…

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