We’re Going to Interview Natalie Bennett!

The strangest thing has happened this week. Well, not the strangest thing, but… I’m sure, in the past, you’ve heard me mention that I am part of a radio trio known as Verbal Discharge. Well, this week we have received some quite exciting news.


A couple of weeks back, we saw that Natalie Bennett, the leader of the green party, is delivering a talk about our future in the EU at our university. The talk, as it happens, takes place straight after our radio show on the 11th.

We decided to send her an email in hopes of having her appear on our show. A couple of days later we received an email saying that she’d be happy to appear on the show for half an hour between six and six thirty!

That’s right, we’ll be interviewing the leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett, and asking her all sorts of questions about her policies, career and anything else we can get her to answer.

However, we are just three guys and can’t possibly ask all the questions that people want to be answered. So we thought we’d give anybody who wants to ask her a question a chance to do so!

If you have a question for Natalie Bennett, leave it in the comments below, on our facebook or email us at things@verbaldischarge.co.uk. If those aren’t enough ways to contact us you can also message us on twitter @VerbDisRadio or even on VerbalDischarge.co.uk.

If you are free between 18:00 and 19:00 GMT on Thursday the eleventh of February feel free to listen live at this link. The podcast of the episode will be released on Friday the 12th if you can’t listen to the live broadcast, this is hosted on VerbalDischarge.co.uk.

Sorry for this long winded plug, but if you have any questions we’d love to ask them for you!


4 thoughts on “We’re Going to Interview Natalie Bennett!

  1. Damien 111

    Some say that it is the Green’s job to make Labour more progressive. But now that the left have a dedicated left winger in charge of Labour, doesn’t that mean that every green party supporter should vote Labour? And if they do not, won’t they be foregoing a once in a generation chance to have a truely progressive majority government?

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  2. Ross

    My question would be:

    Assuming the Green Party to currently hold a pro-EU membership stance, but with an acknowledgement that there are improvements that need to be made via reform, if CETA and/or TTIP go through, could you please explain what serious Green or progressive reforms you would expect to be able to get and via what mechanism?

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