An Open Book Seven – Midblog Crisis, Photography and Marathons

Coffee Hour with Jordan


“That doesn’t look like Coffee Jordan…”

“No it’s green tea, I’m trying to be healthy and all that.”

“You filthy liar.”

“I know… I know.”

More on green tea and healthiness later.

I’ve found myself spending an increasingly worrying amount of time looking through WordPress’ themes trying to decide how to spruce up my blog. I wanted to settle on one of these portfolio style blogs with multiple little tiles displaying my work. All of this was for naught because I’ve finally decided that I quite like my theme for the time being. (If anyone feels otherwise about the theme, please tell me.)

It’s the little things that play on your mind, though. I want to devote a bigger effort to variety on my blog, so in the following weeks there will be more chatter about books, different weekly features with a focus on longer poetic forms and short stories four hundred words and upwards. So it’s not so much change to my blog, rather than added variety.

To spruce my blog up a bit, I’ve decided to say goodbye to good old *insert free images site here* and start taking my own photos. As of today I am armed to the teeth with my girlfriends iPhone… it takes good enough photos, but I am actually looking at acquiring a DSLR camera, *Cries at the prices as he scrolls various web pages.* This means I’ll also have to buy a copy of photography for dummies because right now I feel like flailing a camera around may not be enough to take top notch photos. This decision may be influenced due to my recent discovery of Laura Gabrielle Feasey’s blog whose use of mixed media has created a fantastic blog (She’s a pretty great writer too) go check it out.

This is how sleepy I feel right now.

Now, back to this green tea nonsense. I’m not off the coffee completely, I still need that to function as a writer, but now that I am training for both my boxing and the London Marathon I feel the need to put good things in my body, like chia seeds, watermelon and a variety of other things I’d rather pass up for ice-cream. Right now I’m leaning in favor of running for children with cancer, but I have five other charities I could possibly choose. I’ll find out in October if I am actually running it, it’s been months since I’ve applied and the wait is starting to wear me down a little bit. Even if I don’t get in, I shall wear the winter training top they are going to send me in October around the place so everyone thinks that I’m still running it.

Training for the marathon, whilst boxing and writing for my blog and doing my third year in university and maintaining the student radio station is going to keep me busy, but at least I won’t be bored!

Thanks for reading my ramblings! Keep on smiling you wonderful people. 🙂

8 thoughts on “An Open Book Seven – Midblog Crisis, Photography and Marathons

  1. You are really wonderful, Jordan! Having recently gone blog theme “shopping” myself, I can appreciate both your desire–and possibly a bit of frustration. I’m not 100% satisfied with my current choice, but too exhausted to keep hunting for perfection. Bravo on all your healthy efforts, and running for a cause–and especially managing university studies with all the rest, AS YOU WRITE. You’re quite amazing, ‘course you are young, which helps!

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    1. You are too kind! Theme shopping is good fun and all that, but you are right, it’s a very tiring experience. I’d rather be very busy than doing nothing all day, and it helps that I enjoy it all as well. Thanks for taking the time to read!


  2. Hi Jordan,

    First, thanks for liking my flash fiction post on Sam Elliot.

    I agree that you have a good theme at present. Simple is usually best. Mine is monochromatic and pictureless (other than the banner) because I wish to challenge my writing skills. Combining words and images is also an art though. I would recommend experimenting with framing your images and perhaps wrapping the smaller ones around the text (rather than just centering all of them). It may add a stronger visual dynamic, separating the main column from the sidebar more effectively.

    Also, consider having links to other sites open in a new tab. If your readers click on the link as is, then move to other pages within or beyond the new site, they can easily lose track of or forget you. If your page is still tabbed however, they can easily return to it.

    If you decide to become more image-centric, I’d recommend something different than Laura Gabrielle Feasey’s layout. There is too much empty space on the screen when you arrive, and the images that link to posts are not large enough. My initial impression of the first row of posts, with just half the image visible, was that they were advertising rather than part of the blog itself.

    Thanks again for liking my work. I’m looking forward to seeing more of yours.

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