A Letter from the Mailman

Dear son,

I wish you would write more often
And tell us just how things are going.
You know your mother worries and
It’s just the worst not knowing.

She’s been quite sick lately,
the arthritis isn’t better.
You should write to us some more
Because all she wants is letters.

Sorry to be a nag
I don’t really want to preach,
I just wish you’d taken your
First choice and gone away to teach-

-Instead. Don’t get me wrong,
We’re proud of your decision
And there’s not a man alive
That would throw you his derision.

Not many men would willingly
Sign up to do your job,
Deep in the middle of
Countries riotous with mobs.

Your wife is doing well
I’ll be sure to send your sentiments,
And oh! Your baby boy
Grows more of a resemblance-

-To you every day. And I think it’s
Safe to say, not just from your mum,
But from everyone back home,
Please just come home safe my son.

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