Wednesday Wordage – Truculent


Say: tru·cu·lent

Finally getting back into my routine, here is a fancy word for y’all today.

Truculent is a lovely word to describe a person, animal or group that is eager or quick to argue or pick a fight. It can also describe something that is aggressively defiant. A nice word to describe a fierce rebel group, or prisoner who refuses to be broken, or maybe even just a stubborn fish that wouldn’t let you reel it in (Oh yes I have a Moby Dick of a trout that is still out there, laughing at me somewhere.)First known use: Circa 1540

Some synonyms include: disputatious, gladiatorial and belligerent.

Some antonyms include: pacific, peaceful and uncontentious


Milton—in his prose an opinionated and truculent writer—remains a magnet for opinionated and truculent criticism.

 —Helen Vendler, New Republic, 30 July 2001

 Challenged to a fight by a truculent layabout on the playing fields of St. James’s primary school one Saturday, he had replied to his aggressor’s taunts with his own war cries …

—Wole Soyinka, Isara, 1989

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