I Have Returned (What an eventful absence its been.)

Hello wonderful, wonderful readers, yes I am back after what seems like forever. First, and most wonderfully: My coursework has been completed, a whole sixty two pages of blood, sweat, poetry and short stories has been handed in. This of course, accompanied by process analyses, which are gruelling pieces explaining why you’ve written a piece and how you’ve done it.

Let’s rewind a couple of weeks. About this time three weeks ago I came downstairs in the morning, just grabbing a coffee and was welcomed with this sight…


That there may not look like much, but rest assured, the night before I was grabbing the aforementioned coffee there was a decent sized television. I now know how it feels to be burgled, and it’s not a pleasant feeling. The people who took the television broke in through the window and left through the door (taking my beer as they went.) Although consistently worrying about my belongings, it is just another experience to write about. Gotta try to take the positive out of every situation eh! So yeah, stressing about coursework and burglaries wasn’t fun.

On to a happier subject now, our student radio show, Verbal Discharge, managed to win best radio show. It may be a hollow award, since we had very little competition, but that won’t stop my head inflating to a size that makes it awkward to walk through doors. Below pictured is one of my co-presenters James, enjoying life as a Tetris piece.1429276892342  I apologise for the Snapchat captions, I never took a ‘real’ photo. I have also acquired a new guitar which I am going to shameless show off right now!


Ok, I’ll stop now. I’ve moved out of my student house now and back home for a couple of months before I move into my new house and start my independent study. The independent study is something I am very excited for, the way it’s going I shall most likely be writing a fantasy novel for it!

So yeah, this is just me saying sorry for not posting for so long! But I am looking forward to posting a lot of stuff now that I have free time. I shall be writing non-stop for this blog! Looking forward to getting back into the flow and talking to all you wonderful WordPressers. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “I Have Returned (What an eventful absence its been.)

  1. Awww man… I’m so sorry to hear about your burglarly! Burgulary? Bulahsyegaruly? Oh dear, they call me an English student but typing that word has got the better of me. Love your positive attitude in coping with it, though! Wishing you safety and security in the days ahead! 🙂 Congratulations on all your awards… It’s great to have you back! We have to do an Independent Project next year too and I was thinking of writing a novel for mine as well. Woo hoo! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I have to agree with you on the whole burglary word. (I had to look it up in a dictionary before typing this comment.) Some words just aren’t well thought out. That’s great, if you ever need anyone to do some proofreading I would be more than happy! How has your university work been going? Have you wrapped it all up now? 🙂

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  2. Awwwh thank you so much, that’s very kind and the same goes to you! A fantasy novel sounds exciting, and if it’s written by you, I’m sure it will be a great read! 🙂

    Uni is not going too badly, thanks 🙂 I was doing coursework until 4 am today but that’s just part of the life, isn’t it? Haha 🙂 Just one more portfolio and one more exam to go and then I’ll be freeeeeeeee to come back and party and post on WP like mad 🙂

    Hope the whole assessment period went well for you 🙂 Have an amazing, well-deserved holiday!

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    1. You are too kind! 🙂 I’m glad you’re doing well with Uni. I know how you feel I am no stranger to early morning coursework!
      Keep going the way you’re going and I’m sure you’ll do great 🙂 And you too, have a wonderful holiday when you get there.


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