50 word story:

She is a dancer twisting her lithe grey body through the air, rivulets of water streaking her slender flanks.

At the peak of her flying pirouette she can just make out the other dolphins, playing in the distance.

Then her vision falls behind the stalls.

The audience applauds.

11 thoughts on “Captivity

  1. Thank you for liking my poem I posted late last night, I thought of stopping by here to read some of yours, dancing, very nice! Did you see my very first poem posted? Also about a dancing candle, enjoy my poetry more if you haven’t read on, capturing imagination on the stillness of thought*\(^o^)/*

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      1. Alexia Lauren

        Yes! Not the best words for this post! 😂 A very sensitive topic indeed. But you know because I haven’t read anything of this kind… I really am filled with respect and wonder.

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