Wednesday Wordage – Diaphanous


Say: Die-a-fa-nus

Back for another one of those fancy words we all love so much. Diaphanous is another one of those words that describes an extreme of something.

In the case of the word diaphanous it refers to the extreme thinness and translucency of a fabric. It can also be used to describe something characterized by extreme delicacy of form or something ethereal. Another way it can be used is to describe something vague or insubstantial – (had only a diaphanous hope of success.)

First Known use: 1614

Some Synonyms include: Gossamer, transparent and sheer.

Some Antonyms include: Opaque, lustreless and nebulous.


The curtains are thin, a diaphanous membrane that can’t quite contain the light outside.

–Eric Liu, The Accidental Asian

She needed more than diaphanous hope, more than I could give her.

–Tej Rae, Washington Post.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Wordage – Diaphanous

  1. The third restaurant review I ever wrote contained the word “diaphanous.” My newspaper editor took it out. He said he had had to look it up in the dictionary and so it was not appropriate for use in my review. Oy.

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