Unbelievable! Thank you so much.

Holy wowza! Last night, while I slept unsuspecting, this little old blog of mine hit two-hundred followers! I mean that is just so exciting, I’ve been blogging for little over two and a half months and to already have so many wonderful people take an interest in my blog is just so, so humbling. Of course it’s not just people who have followed me that I am thanking, it’s everyone who has stopped by for even a glancing look, or to leave a like. In short I just wanted to say I love you all you amazing people.

So here is a Tank-you Tanka. *Holds breath as people roll eyes at poorly executed pun.*

It has been two months,
And my appreciation
Is now limitless
For all of the wonderful
People who have viewed this blog.

For anyone who is wondering what a Tanka  is, I shall present you with the Wikipedia definition, I know, classy:

Tanka consist of five units (often treated as separate lines when romanized or translated) usually with the following pattern of:


The 5-7-5 is called the kami-no-ku (上の句, “upper phrase”?), and the 7-7 is called the shimo-no-ku (下の句, “lower phrase”?).


13 thoughts on “Unbelievable! Thank you so much.

  1. I came to this site because I liked the name ‘Literay fuzz’. You’re not fuzzy, but you didn’t disappoint. I’m not surprised you have picked up 200 followers so quickly. You’re friendly and chirpy, and man, you can write!
    It took me almost 4 months to reach 200, and I’m a pretty good poet. Congratulations. You deserve it, and it’s only the beginning.

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