Poetry 101 Rehab: Right

Is it wrong
When it feels,

So you say,
But who are you
To sever right from wrong.

Sometimes I feel like I am going left,
Wandering aimlessly
Through whatever walk of life may be
Suggested to me.

This is my response to the poem and prompt on Mara Eastern’s blog. I first found this prompt on Yusra’s blog where I witnessed her witty and well written response which has most likely put mine to shame! I very quickly put it together as my responses to prompts are rather quick and unstructured, so this is my scatterbrain in action, I apologize in advance if it isn’t that great! Thank you for reading! )

12 thoughts on “Poetry 101 Rehab: Right

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  3. Excuse me, why are you apologising – your scatterbrain is very inventive!! 😊 🙂 🙂 I really liked the last verse, especially – with the kind of melancholy feeling it gave off. (I’m a sucker for sad poetry.) And the rhyme of “cliche” with “don’t you say” was genius – made me smile.

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  4. Thanks so much for your contribution! It’s beautifully free-flowing and spontaneous, which is very different from what I do myself – and I’m envious of your naturalness, or scaterbrainedness, as you put it 😉

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