Wednesday Wordage – Somnambulant

Sleeping SisterSomnambulant

Say: som·nam·byu·lant

I find myself somnambulant today, as in, I have the characteristics of a sleepwalker, being very sluggish. This is a strange word, it took me a while to get my tongue round it, not because its complex or anything, simply because sometimes my brain doesn’t work, like when I was five or six and every time I tried to say soldiers I’d say shoulders instead, but I digress.

I found this word when reading some poetry by good old Seamus Heaney, I believe the poem was called The Harvest Bow, check it out he’s a great poet.

It can also mean walking or having the habit of walking while asleep, so it’s a word for all of you out there that just can’t stand those horrible Monday mornings. For me Friday mornings are the worst, just so tired by then! Anyway, on to the stats:

First known use: 1866

Some synonyms include: Noctambulism and Sleepwalking.


Harked to their gift and worked with fine intent
Until your fingers moved somnambulant…

— Seamus Heaney, The Harvest Bow (poem)

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