Book Review – Neverwhere

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman


Wow! what a breath-taking introduction to Neil Gaiman’s works this book has been for me. For a long time people have been talking about Neil Gaiman around me, and how wonderful his style of writing is. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find him, maybe I’ve been distracted with other books? I know that since starting university I’ve been demolishing classics like those twenty pence ice lollies on a really hot summers day. So why do I rate this book highly..?

To me this book is pure urban fantasy, that stirs the never ceasing part of your brain that churns out the ‘What if?’ questions. What if there is a *Insert city/town/village/murder shack in the middle of nowhere* below the city I live in now? Gaiman’s London Below really inspires it, the man just grasps fantasy and storytelling. Look at me, I’ve read one book and I’ve already become a fan boy.

The magic of this book is self contained and mysterious, it is like drunkenly looking through a kaleidoscope of fragments of reality, mixed with the wondrous. It asks questions, and leaves you feeling fulfilled, but also empty. The idea that you may be missing an entire other world beneath your feet is unsettling, but also engages the mind. It has certainly left me with that pleasurable feeling in my brain, when you put a book down and really don’t have anything bad to say.

It’s got that charming British humour about it, the prose is succulent and Gaiman hardly ever describes things in a straightforward manner. The characters are intriguing and hard to pin down, the main character evolves wonderfully throughout the book and the supporting cast are range from delightful to delightfully un-delightful.

The ending was right where I would want it to be, and it leaves the right questions for the reader, the ones that won’t make you say, ‘Well we never found out what that plot device meant’ ect ect.

I realise this has been a bit of a gush, but I do highly recommend this book, it will charm and immerse you, suck you into the world below your feet and leave you wondering, ‘Why haven’t I read more from Neil Gaiman?’

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