Bullied – Headline Poem

20150309_151805Toxic torment
Can spread for miles.
Agony in her own words:

“Just stay
Ten Minutes,
Understand Better”

This poem was directly inspired by the main headline I took to make it, about a poor girl who committed suicide after being bullied consistently throughout her teen years.

It still shocks me the things people will say when they sit behind a computer screen and keyboard and just hurl anonymous insults at people.

Ā  So a bit of a sad one this week. These were the five headlines used.

  1. Tragedy of schoolgirl who poured out bullying torment on Youtube.
  2. Agony in her own words…
  3. No parking fine if you overstay by just ten minutes.
  4. How ‘t0xic GM pollen can spread for miles’
  5. MI5 wants middle-aged mothers as spies because they understand people better.

4 thoughts on “Bullied – Headline Poem

  1. I really like the message right at the end, about just staying ten minutes and understanding better. You could interpret that in so many ways. Sometimes a bullied person who’s feeling alone would feel so much better if we would give them just ten minutes of our time to listen and show we care. And sometimes the prejudices which spark bullying can be prevented if the aggressor would just take ten minutes to sit down with an open mind and see the world from their victim’s point of view. Either way, powerful message!

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    1. Thanks for the insightful message. It is a real shame that, despite the progressive nature the world has adopted lately, that instances of bullying are still so common. Having an open mind benefits not only the people around you, but the state of being you find yourself in.

      I’m glad my message came across clear either way šŸ™‚ thanks again!

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