50 Word Story – Eclipse

During the eclipse it comes down to hunt, slaking its thirst for blood whilst the sun hides in ignorance behind the moon.

Last time it took my children.

Four years on and I’m standing in the street, knife in hand, legs weak beneath me.

This time, It wont get past.

6 thoughts on “50 Word Story – Eclipse

  1. “…slaking its thirst for blood while the sun hides in ignorance behind the moon…” Wow! What a stunning line!

    I really liked how the open ending of the story allows readers to use their own imagination/interpretation, but at the same time, I’m hooked and really want to know what happens next! If this was the opening to a longer story, I’d definitely keep reading!

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  2. So. I read a few of your 50 word stories, all very well done, with suspicion, thinking, they can’t be exactly 50 words!

    I stand corrected and in awe. I don’t know how you do it, but you do it well. This one is very thrilling. I think I had a bit of a flight-or-fight response reading it.

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