Wednesday Wordage – Terpsichorean


Say: turp-si-kuhreeun

Maybe I’m just too predictable. I have fallen in love with this word after finding while looking for a word suitable for the Cinquain I put up last Saturday. And what a wonderful word it is! It is simply an Adjective meaning ‘relating to dancing.’ It can also be used as a noun to mean ‘a dancer.’

First known use: 1825

Some synonyms include: Dancer, Dance. <– That’s it really, which is why I like this word so much.

Some quotes include:

They’re agile, they’re flexible, they’reterpsichorean.”

Tom Wolfe, A Man in Full

I even saw Major West that evening tapping his foot and picking up his feet interpsichorean splendor with Mrs. West.”

–Jackson Bailey, My Love and I

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