Wednesday Wordage – Sartorial


Say Sar-to-ri-al

Quite a broad one this week folks. It’s not overly complicated, but it is a nice word to use. Sartorial simply means ‘of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes; broadly.’ It can be used to describe how someone looks (poor sartorial taste/great sartorial taste.) Or to give impression of a dressing well for an event (The guests for the party arrived in sartorial splendour.)

First known use: 1823

Some synonyms include: Vestiary, Zooty or Stylish

Some famous quotes including Sartorial:

The Puritan leadership was especially distressed by the sartorial  ostentation of the lower classes, who were supposed to content themselves with “raiment suitable to the order in which God’s providence has placed them.”

Patricia O’Toole, Money & Morals in America

She probably sensed that he had married her for her beautiful dark eyes and sartorial  splendor — and she may now have regretted the plumed hats and luxurious fur collars she had worn seductively in her youth.

Thomas A. Underwood, Allen Tate: Orphan of the South

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