I just recieved a wonderful Valentine’s gift!

Today is that wonderful day where everything suddenly becomes so damn expensive! And though I think you should show your love for your partner every day of the year, there is always a certain anticipation of something special.

I am a massive, wussy sucker for thoughtful presents, and my wonderful girlfriend delivered just that when I woke up this morning.

This mug was personalised by Shannon for me, and it is fantastic. She put in the extra effort to write her own haiku for me, which was wonderful, she’s always been the smart and more practical one after all (being a zoologist and all that.) 20150214_160925The haiku reads:

Oh the love for thee
Has an amaranthine hold
On my tender soul.

Its just wonderful, on the other side there is a picture of the two of us as well!20150214_160936

So Happy Valentines day to all you wonderful people out there!


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