Book Review – Mirror Sight

18723115Probably be safe to assume there will be spoilers.

Seven-hundred and seventy pages done and I’m still not sure what to make of this book.

That’s not to say this book isn’t well written, in fact, it is superbly written. The problem lies with the fact that this felt so much like a filler, rather than a progression of the storyline.

But why is that?

This book strives to focus on our main character, Karigan G’ladheon. But in doing this it shakes off the cast we’ve known from book one through to four, for at least seven hundred pages of the book. Instead Britain introduces us to a whole new array of characters who, despite helping our main character while she has been thrown forward in time, all become inconsequential when she returns back to her own time.

Not only that but with every book I read in this series I feel more and more like our heroes are living in a world of coincidences, where things happen at just the right time way too often.

Karigan in this book has also taken a turn for the worse, at a point in the book she is drugged to keep her subdued, but the problem there is that it feels like she never really shakes herself from the stupor. We are used to her tackling the action head on, being defiant and strong. But I just didn’t feel it with this book. Maybe it was with the introduction of her love interest Cade, who apparently gets her ‘potentially pregnant’ whatever that means, only for the whole thing to be negated when she comes back in time, when, at the exact same moment, the pregnant queen suddenly turns out to be struck with twins. Maybe it was the introduction of this character who mellowed her out, only to be predictably killed off by Britain. I’m sure she will return to her usual self in the next book, but three to four years is a long time to wait for a book that is potentially as airy and inconsequential as this one.

This book didn’t answer many questions for me, except for why Amberhill was even in the previous book. Nor does it pose many questions. To create an entire cast and world only to erase it in those last fifty pages just seems like time wasted. I’m sure people would have been much happier if she spent the time progressing the story instead of beating around the bush. The whole plot has been awkwardly crowbarred into the storyline, and it just doesn’t feel right. Even big bad Mornhavon is reduced to nothing but a third personality in the future emperor, it’s just not right.

It may seem as though I am hating on the series, I do in fact really love this series, but it is safe to say that this instalment has me disappointed

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