An Open Book – Episode Three

20150131_152357 Coffee hour with Jordan.

“Jordan!” You mouth, appalled. “It’s three in the afternoon, yet you are just eating breakfast? ludicrous!”

I apologize, tilting my state of the art cereal bowl and cereal eating utensil towards you, before quaffing the coffee contained in my chipped university brand mug.

Setting it down on the table, I look up at you, eyebrows twitching like a conductor flailing his way through Bach’s Double Concerto and say…

‘What’s happened this week..?’

Having just returned from Wales via what feels like the longest train journey available, I have had plenty of time to finish off Mirror Sight, so expect  review on that shortly. I had a great time in Wales, not sitting in a dark corner writing as usual, but actually going out and partying the celebration of my missus’ survival of another year. We were both looking forward to trying out a Mediterranean place, but when we went down there we found it was only open on weekends, so we just ate everywhere else instead. I mean there was a gratuitous amount of Wetherspoons, which I feel I mention quite a lot in these posts.

This sort of visit always comes with a downside, there is a black hole where my bank account used to be, with any luck it’ll grow strong enough to suck money in from other bank accounts, but I doubt it. Not to mention I have my mum’s birthday coming up in two and a half weeks, then a four year anniversary on the second of march. I’ll be living off of twenty pence bags of pasta from Asda for a while by the sounds of it, its not all bad, you can get forty sausages for two pounds down Iceland.

20150131_160112 I’ve been practicing my guitar pretty hard this past week. I’ve also found a great website called, this place has musicians dedicated to tabbing all the video game music you can possibly imagine. I don’t know about anybody else, but I believe that there are some games out there that have absolutely fantastic music, and this website is great! Especially for Final Fantasy music, a game which I played heavily when I was younger. Final Fantasy IX battle music in particular must’ve driven my mum batty. I don’t so much like the newer final fantasy titles. I was put off after X-2 really, but up until that point I loved them more than any other game in the market.

And of course being back at university means I’m back to eating healthily and training for boxing. I’ve had a session or two already and Christmas has really taken its toll, but it’s hard to 20150131_161403remain disciplined when you come home to all that gorgeous food. I’m also training to enter a marathon for charity, so I’m quite busy on the academic and sporting sides.

That’s pretty much it for now, thanks for reading, you wonderful people!

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