An Open Book – Episode Two

20150123_163139Coffee hour with Jordan.

So it’s fair to say that it’s been a hectic week for me. As i sit here writing this I find myself at the end of the railway in Aberystwyth, with only a choice of the missus’ mugs for my coffee. So for this week only, I suppose you can refer to me as Mrs Ed Sheeran. It could be worse, I do actually like Ed Sheeran after all.

So whats been happening this week…

Well I’ve now started back at university, got some pretty great modules this semester that I am really excited about: The Art of Crime, Product and Placement, Focus on Short Fiction and by far my favorite, Focus on Poetry. So there’s already a lot of work coming my way.

The only thing that irks me about university is that all of my best writing has to go towards my coursework, which means I can’t post it on here. Oh well I’ll just have to work doubly as hard, not that I would call writing work.

So I got through the first week of uni with little to no resistance, (I’m not entirely sure if I was expecting armed rebels or something, sometimes I don’t even know what I’m writing about.)

Yesterday I hopped on the train to sunny old Wales to visit the missus, as her birthday is up and coming. It was not a pleasant train journey. Sometimes I feel like a circus performer, juggling my luggage up and down the aisles with fervor, just waiting for someone to make a move so I can take their seat without paying heed to the five second rule. I shouldn’t moan however, I know public transport in other corners of the world is terrible. On the plus side it gave me four hours of uninterrupted time for reading.

I’ve really been enjoying a YouTube channel lately called With Ether, they are a great channel for anyone who loves acoustic guitar and both popular and obscure video game music.

That’s about it for this week, I haven’t had the time to pick up any new books, but I still have plenty left to read.

20150123_180512So now I’m going to sit here and enjoy this Chinese.

Thanks for reading!

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