The Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt

I saw this over at and like the narcissistic, book collecting, show off I am, thought I would do it as well. So lets begin.

  • Find an author’s name or title with a Z in it


Had to copy the previous person with this one, it’s a wonderful journey to read this book. I have the entire series and it’s well worth reading them all!

  • Find a classic


A bit of Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen has written a lot of good novels which we now consider classics. I am an avid collector of classics, this is just the first one I had to hand.

  • Find a book with a key it.


Should I be embarrassed for owning this? Probably not, I haven’t read the other books. I received this book for free so it was useful to at least fill the space in the scavenger hunt.

  • Find something on your bookshelf that isn’t a book.


Because I like to pretend I can draw.

  • Find the oldest book on your shelf.


The Collected Works of Shakespeare. I received this from my mum, and it has served me well so far it is from 1895, that’s pretty old.


  • Find a book with a girl on the cover.


Interesting book, I wasn’t particularly fond of the style of writing. However it did have a great story and was worth reading.

  • Find a book with a boy on the cover,


Book, tonnes better than the movie, ’nuff said.

  • Find a book with an animal on it


Just bought this today, look, a mouse!

  • Find a book with a male protagonist.


The start of a thirteen book, epic adventure. If you start this, be prepared to be in for the long haul.

  • Find a book with only words on it.


An interesting look into all those fabulous words we’ve lost over the years.

  • Find a book with illustrations in it.


Beautifully illustrated by Luis Royo, a wonderful and short story.

  • Find a book with gold lettering


H.P. Lovecraft, painted the way for writers such as Stephen King, but was also an incredibly racist man.

  • Find a Diary


My diary, but I don’t really write in it, especially now that I have a blog.

  • Find a book that has a closeup of something on it

I failed at this one, maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough. I’m pretty sure some of my coverless hardbacks had close ups on them. Oh well

  • Find a hardcover without a jacket.


The awesome Terry Pratchett.

  • Find a teal/turquoise covered book.


Every literature students favourite poet.

  • Find a non YA book.


Greatest children’s book ever, everyone knows Winnie the Pooh.

  • Find the longest book you own.


A harrowing 1374 pages of Leo Tolstoy’s incredibly mind bending novel. You actually need to make notes when reading this to remember who everyone is.

  • Find the shortest book you own.


Coming in at 47 pages, this is by far the shortest book I own.

  • Find a book with multiple POV’s


George R.R. Martin’s epic is told through several characters perspectives.

  • Find a book with flowers on it.


The English translation of Remarque’s must read fiction about a class of German boys who go off to war.

So that is it, hope you enjoyed reading, I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you enjoyed this why not go do it yourself and say I tagged you 🙂

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