An Open Book – Episode One

20150115_182548Coffee hour with Jordan.

My new weekly post where we all sit down for that wonderful drink that keeps us awake when we have anything vaguely important to do. It will be following my weekly shenanigans (or lack thereof) and sometimes a badly informed opinion on what’s been happening in the world lately.

So what’s been going on? Well…

It’s that time of year now when I am to crawl out from under my cave and return to university to continue with my Creative Writing degree. I’m looking forward to it, but its been nice to relax back at home with no deadlines looming over me like a executioners axe, just waiting for me to mess up.

With the return to university only a couple of days away it also means that the Verbal Discharge gang will be back together. For those of you who don’t know what that is (most likely everyone reading this) it’s a radio show hosted by me, and two, occasionally three others, you can find it here It’s a strange beast, developed entirely for fun, but it keeps us occupied and out of the house.

Yesterday was the one week anniversary, if there is such a thing, of the start of my blog. I’ve only enjoyed the experience so far, and the community here seems really sound.

Been out to town today, keeping those physical book sales up, I’d say I shun technology but my laptop is practically another limb. Got a few of George R.R. Martin’s earlier novels The Armageddon rag and Tuf Voyaging.20150115_181733 I haven’t read these yet so I can’t really comment on them yet. I also picked up Blood Diamond by Mark Keating. I’ll include the blurb here.

London 120: a fever of financial speculation. The fraudulent South Sea Company is about to com crashing down with not just the government which backed it but the King as well.

The directors need something to show that the Company I not just a bubble – that it can find the riches their investors were promised: something like the world-famous Pitt diamond, now in the possession of the French Prince Regent.

But how can the company recover the diamond? They need the most daring criminal they can find. They need a pirate, like Patrick Devlin.

But will he take the job?

From the splendour of London’s royal palaces to the filth of Newgate jail, from the salons of the Louvre to desperate hand-to-hand fighting on deck, Blood Diamond is a thrilling adventure and a sweeping portrait of an age of speculation and wonder.

As far as I am aware this was Keating’s attempt to create a Pirate novel that could be taken seriously as a piece of historical fiction without gigantic monsters and swelling bosoms battering the reader in the face with their fleshyness. I commend that, as much as I love gigantic monsters and the like, so I’m looking forward to tearing through these and get on my way to reading fifty books this year.

Went to get some shopping done, get some presents for the missus’ birthday, not that I’m going to post what I’ve got her on here in case she’s reading (you should be Shannon.) S20150115_173009topped off at the Wetherspoons to have a nice steak dinner with the Mum before I go back to university this weekend, it was pretty gorgeous, but you can’t see the side rack of ribs I bought. I honestly don’t take pictures of all my food, honestly, you can check, I don’t have an Instagram.

So that’s my week in words and pictures, hope you all have a good week and thank you for reading.

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