Book Review – The Ice Dragon.

The Ice Dragon – George R.R. Martin.

20150113_151430I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when picking up George R.R. Martin’s illustrated book The Ice Dragon, especially after being a fan of the Game of Thrones series for so long. But what I found was an emotional journey full of resplendent illustration, thanks to Luis Royo, a Spanish artist best know for his fantasy art.

I’m usually not a fan of illustration, despite being a lover of art outside of the world of literature, simply because I prefer to imagine the scenes for myself. Most people will agree that a good book engages your imagination, but despite that I found the illustration wonderfully accurate to what I was imagining in my head.

Sure its only a short book, and despite it being for all ages Martin doesn’t shy away from that murder he loves so damn much, but it is rich in prose and genuinely moving. I can’t fault this book, or say much more without spoiling it, suffice to say it is enjoyable reading and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

One thought on “Book Review – The Ice Dragon.

  1. Sounds like this sort of book might stack up in comparison to Alan Moore’s The Watchmen, Frank Miller’s Sin City or Batman comics, or any of those other well-written, thought out adult storylines. I am interested because it is George R. R. Martin and I am still waiting for The Winds of Winter. I thought about checking out The Hedge Knight and some of his others as well, just to quell my Song of Ice and Fire appetite.

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