Book Review – Blackveil


Not so long back, last September actually, I was on the search for a new fantasy series. So as I was perusing the shelves at my local Waterstones a certain book caught my eye, Green Rider which is the first book in what is now a five book long series.

Blackveil is the fourth book in the series, it has met very mixed reviews at the hands of long time fans and newcomers to the series alike. Most of the books in these series have had a four year gap in between release dates. I’m currently halfway through Mirror Sight and am not looking forward to a four year respite from the series in anticipation of the next book.

Kristen Britain Is definitely a fantastic author, she has a vivid style, the prose is very rich and detailed. It is obvious that the author has done her research and uses the terminology very well. But I felt that there are certain parts of this book that could be cut out entirely, character’s thoughts are often repeated, so much so that it can be convincing that they are integral to the plot, even if they’re not.

Britain builds tension masterfully, but again there are a few scenes that drag this on just a little bit longer than it should in my opinion. I’m not saying that someone should go all Gordon Lish on Blackveil, but a bit more cutting down probably wouldn’t have been missed.

The geography of the Green Rider series is one of the better I’ve seen, it’s easy to follow and understand where the characters are in relation to each other. Several landmarks add mystery and wonder to an already rich and detailed world.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy this book, I for one love this series and I will stick with it because it has me on the hook, that being said if Mirror Sight doesn’t live up to expectation, it is likely that Britain will lose some fans. For now I would recommend anyone who enjoys fantasy to pick up the series and give it a try.


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