27496312-slow-service-concept-as-a-time-clock-with-a-shell-shaped-as-a-snail-as-a-metaphor-for-procrastinatioMark Twain once said Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.” Perhaps one of the most over quoted quotes I’ve had the misfortune for searching for, with about twenty different variations, credited to one hundred different people, but I’ll quote Mark Twain because he’s reliable right?

But no matter who tells you not to procrastinate, no matter how many times they tell you, you probably still do. Lets be realistic, procrastination is so rife in our society, especially in the student circles, that you are more likely to be viewed as strange for doing everything straight away.

I myself am guilty of Procrastination. A friend of mine, James Bosson, introduced me to the notion of ‘Brain Crack’ that he’d heard on VlogBros mentioned by Hank Green. What is ‘Brain Crack?’ Well it is a term that was first coined by Zefrank as far as I am aware, which simply means ideas that have become addictive just to think about. You can see how combining this notion with a natural penchant for procrastination could become quite annoying.

This blog is the culmination of the consistent meandering of my mind and my want to kick my procrastination in the proverbial family jewels. So here I am in the new year actually committing to something that should hopefully carry on for some time to come.

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